Dave Miller

What I Believe

I'm Dave Miller and I Love My Job!

I’m fortunate to work for some pretty amazing companies, where we employ some awesome people. This environment allows me to engage with, mentor, lead - and learn from a group of multi-generational and multi-cultural teams.

I'm a practitioner of Servant Leadership. I believe in empowering people, setting boundaries, identifying expectations and establishing processes - all of which serve the purpose of improving personal and organizational performance.

I believe that storytelling is the best way to communicate your message. I believe that creating evangelist to tell your story for you is powerful and effective.

I believe you should tell your story. Then make that story true.

Tell Your Story. Make It True


What I Do

Business Leadership Development, Business Management, Organizational Development


Servant leadership is the practice I choose to enable success across multi-generational and multi-cultural industries. I try to establish an environment rooted in trust and respect - one that rewards creativity, pushing boundaries, challenges conventional thinking and values the celebration of successes and learning from failures. This believe system creates an environment where people feel valued and ultimately realize their full potential.

Story Teller (AKA "Creative Director")

Understanding your clients “why” provides clarity into what is truly important. Articulating your message or vision through story telling allows you to create an emotional connection with your client or audience. Thats what we do. We tell authentic stories. Tell your story. Make it true.

Life Coach

I have been fortunate in life to have been mentored by great leaders and professional life coaches. The impact this made on me - both personally and professionally was profound. So two years ago I made the commitment to get professional training in this space so maybe, just maybe - I could help others realize their full potential as others have done for me.